by Takara Tomy
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MP-39 Sunstreaker is officially licensed by Lamborghini and is a super charged Countach LP500S featuring a huge air intake! In vehicle mode features retractable headlights, and the air intake is chrome plated. In robot mode includes flare gun and laser gun. Includes bonus alien face from the episode "Hoist Goes to Hollywood." Also includes Chip Chase in wheelchair mini figure. Sunstreaker finally joins his brother Sideswipe, in the Masterpiece ranks! Masterpiece Sunstreaker is officially licensed by Lamborghini, featuring his iconic yellow color scheme from his G1 days!  

Set Includes:
- 1 x MP-39 Sunstreaker Figure 
- 1 x Laser Gun 
- 1 x Flare Gun 
- 1 x Alien Mask 
- 2 x Alternate Face Plates 
- 1 x Set of Side Mirrors 
- 1 x Chip Chase in Wheelchair Figure 
- 1 x Character Card 
- 1 x Instruction Manual