We are delighted to present a flexible and convenient shopping option called Warehouse ordering. This shopping experience will allow customers to view our catalogue of readily available items via our network of overseas supplier and purchase them through our flexible payment schemes. Selected items will be brought in from overseas upon request and delivered to you once payment or payment plan has been completed.


  • You don’t have to pay upfront for the items listed from the warehouse shopping option.
  • Customer service team will provide support during the process if required.
  • You can load up on other items to save on shipping costs.
  • Purchasing a wide range of products through a flexible time schedule can be accomplished through budgeting, careful planning and economical payment options.


  1. Are the items in stock and ready for shipping?

They are in stock with our suppliers and we are more than happy arrange to import them in once an agreed payment plan has been arranged and confirmed.

  1. How Long will it take to arrive to me?

Once a deposit and payment scheme has been arranged we can start the importing and delivering process. Normally items will take 1-3 weeks to arrive from overseas to our business, but a deposit and flexible payment plan must be submitted to begin this process. Once arrived and paid off in full, we will contact you for shipping and delivering arrangement.

  1. What if an item I’ve arranged through your system has become out of stock during the process?

If an item purchased through our Warehouse ordering scheme and flexible payment plan option has become out of stock during your shopping journey, then we will be more than happy to provide either one of the following options:-


  • Full refund
  • Store credit
  • Another available item where you will either a partial refund if the replacement item is priced lower, or you pay the difference if this replacement item is valued higher