Badcube Old Time Series OTS-05/06/07 Evil Bug Corps Value Pack - 3rd Party Insectacons


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Product Description

BadCube is proud to introduce the worst kind of insects around! Meet the evil Bug Corps! OTS-050607 VALUE PACK 1 featuring: Hypno, Kickbutt & Claymore! 

- 3pcs per box (OTS- 05, 06, 07 around 14-14.5cm/5.5" from head to toe) 
Weapon x 3
Energy cube x3
Transformation menu x1
Alternative face for 05 and 07 

- Matching characters show color (include silver paint, yellow chest armor
OTS-06 robot mode has grey chest, but changes into purple in giant bug mode.) 

- Ratchet joints located on different area of each robot 

- Able to store the weapons in both robot and giant bug mode 

- Each of the 3 figures has some unique mechanism

- 1:60 chance of receiving chase clear variant figure set, randomly inserted into cases!