Bathing Ape - BAPE x Transformers Optimus Prime - Red Camouflage Version

by takara Tomy

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Product Description

Optimus Prime is burdened by the considerable task of preserving the war-ravaged Cybertron, and, once the Autobot/Decepticon war spills beyond Cybertron, the welfare of the planet Earth and its comparatively fragile inhabitants. Initially establishing an Earth base among the wreckage of the Ark, Prime and his fellow Autobots conceal their existence, however they quickly acquire human friends such as Spike and Sparkplug. As the Decepticons establish their own headquarters and set about the task of converting the Earth’s resources into energon cubes or perverting the resources into bizarre new weapons, Optimus fastidiously protects his human friends and emboldens his fellow Autobots with his intractable resolve and peerless courage.