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DNA Design DK-08 Upgrade Kit for POTP OP

Material: ABS, PVC, POM

DK-08 upgrade kit by DNA Design is the ultimate add-on kit for Power of the Primes POTP OP! Features a set of new blaster cannons, attachable wings, rear tire attachment and a front tire attachment, swords and more! ll of the parts can also attach to the back of the robot! Made of PVC, POM and ABS. OP Figure sold separately.

Set Includes:
- 2 x Blaster Cannons
- 2 x Katana Swords
- 2 x Rear Tire Attachment
- 2 x Front Tire Attachment
- All of these weapons can be attached in the back of the robot mode.

***Please be advised it wont arrive with the bonus waist cannon****