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DNA DK-29 Gear Master Accessory Series Upgrade Kit


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Please be advised this listing is a pre order and it will be arriving in March/April 2022 pending no delays.

Product Description

Please note: This aftermarket accessory piece is not produced or associated with Hasbro or Takara and is not a Transformers brand toy. These custom pieces are intended to further enhance the enjoyment of your existing Transformers collection.

The DK-29 Gear Master Accessory Series Upgrade Kit contains a selection of new and improved accessories and attachments that are compatible with WFC-K5, WFC-K18, and WFC-K23.

Product Features

  • Third party upgrade
  • Made of plastic
  • Compatible with WFC-K5, WFC-K18, and WFC-K23
  • An array of accessories and weapons for customizing
  • Figures not included

Box Contents

  • 2 Bandoliers
  • Stone axe
  • 2 Handguns with mounts
  • Rifle
  • Eyepiece
  • Grapple
  • Wire
  • The Golden Record with stand
  • 2 Alternate dinosaur hands/feet