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Heatboys x SNAP Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo

Heatboys x SNAP

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Please be advised this listing is a pre-order and it will be arriving in June/July 2023 pending no delays. 

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are getting a very impressive and colossal upgrade as new figures are revealed. In collaboration with Nickelodeon, Snap Design Development, and Heat Boys, the world is now introduced to TMNT Mecha! That is right; the Turtles are ready to take on some more colossal threats with these fantastic figures that comes in at just over 9″ tall.

Leonardo is the first Mecha revealed, and he is loaded with impressive detail, articulation, and a very unique mechanical design. These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mecha's will feature LED eyes as well as a nice blend of die-cast elements to make them stand out.

The Mecha will be fully reticulated and will have his own set of unquiet Mecha weapons correlated to his ninja skills. This will consist of his iconic swords that can be sheathed as well as a shield, daggers, gun, throwing stars, robotic pizza, Sewer grate display base, and even a tiny Leonardo.

"Leo, as the captain of the Ninja Turtles and the pilot of the body TMNT 01, is a warm-hearted ninjutsu master with two katana swords in his hand. The body he drives, TMNT 01, is also responsible for the comprehensive combat power of the entire team. It is equipped with a lot of equipment: samurai swords, daggers, rifle launchers that can release mutation potions, high mobility revolver launchers, ninja darts and coping. A multifunctional tactical shield that needs to achieve multiple combinations.

"In addition, as a newly developed alloy skeleton highly movable armor, the range of joint motion and multiple linkage mechanisms have been greatly improved; the fingers and toes are independently movable, and can pose a variety of classic poses of the Ninja Turtles; the overall weight is 1000 grams, It feels very good to play. The tortoise shell mechanism can be deployed in multiple layers. The driver Leo rotates into the cockpit after sitting down. At the same time, the eye LED of the body can activate the light effect with a mechanical pizza, and the sense of ceremony is instantly filled."


What's in the box 
1 x Main body 
2 x Alloy katanas & scabbards
2 x Short Swords
2 x Blaster Pistols
1 x Blaster Rifle
1 x Shield
2 x Shuriken
2 x Mini Leo Runners
1 x Stand
Connector Parts
The driver and part of the turtle car is the bonus for 1st run. (transparent green)