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Please be advised this listing is a pre order and it will be arriving in Sep/Oct 2019 pending no delays.


KFC - P16 Raiju figure is Masterpiece scaled and stands 38cm/15" tall in robot mode, transform from small trailer to robot and back. KFC - P16 Raiju combines with P-14 Raijin and P15 Grand Raijin to form one massive robot called King Raijin! P-16 Raiju features fully metal finish and paint applications, rubber tires, diecast parts and more! Trailer opens and can store MP sized cars and other similar sized Masterpiece vehicles in its trailer. Note: Main robot (PC-14 Raijin) and armor (PC-15 Grand Raijin) are sold separately.

Product Features:
- Super posable
- Current MP series size scaled
- 3 seats inside the drinving room
- Fully metallic finished on the robot and alt mode too
- Fully metallic finished on the robot and alt mode too
- Die cast parts
- Rubber tires
- Super posable hands
- Numerous ratchet joints
- Can combine with Raijin/Grand Raijin to from Giant KING RAIJIN!
-Shoulder cannon with auto launching gimmick
-Trailer mode can carry 2 mp cars!
-Some LED gimmick
-One piece transformation wings!

Figure Includes:
1 x Figure
1 x Bio Card
1 x Instruction Manual
2 x Shoulder Cannons
2 x Wing Part
1 x Sword
1 x Shoulder Cannon

Other figures shown are shown for size/scale comparison and not included.

Note: This listing is only for the extended trailer part of the combined form, main body robot sold separately.