Marvel Kotobukiya-X-Men '92 ArtFX+Wolverine & Jubilee Statue

by Kotobukiya
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Product Description

In 1992 the Fox Network revolutionized superhero comic adaptations with the groundbreaking animated series X-Men. Featuring complex storylines pulled right from the pages of Marvel Comics as well as cool characters and high quality art, the cartoon gained instant acclaim and has continued to be popular to this day.

Now, you can collect two of the stars of that show with the brand new X-Men ’92 Wolverine & Jubilee Two Pack ArtFX+ Statue set from Kotobukiya! Right from the very first episode Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee was a central character, a young mutant learning about the battles going on for her rights and safety. Despite being very different, she and the scrappy brawler Wolverine would become good friends and share many adventures. Now these two X-Men join the 1/10th scale ArtFX+ Statue collection in a two-pack capturing their classic animated look!

Product Features

• 1/10 Scale

• Made of plastic

• Based on the 1992 animated series

• Costumes are incredibly vibrant with bright colors

• Packaging  decorated with art and details from the early ‘90s

Box Contents

• Wolverine statue

* Jubilee