Model Model-002 MP13 Soundwave Upgrade Kits /w Lit Heads, Extra Pistol and Cassette

by Ko Toys

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Product Details 

Accessories include:
1, a lighting head, giving a battery. There are three modes of lighting: switch to 1 for breathing lamp mode, second for scintillation mode, third for constant lighting mode. The replaceable eyes are 2 pairs, one pair of red and yellow.
2, the sound tape can be linked to the sound button, and the battery will be donated. With 82 years of Transformers animation theme song, Chinese and English original lines.
3, a light gun, give the battery. A special violet light of sound waves.
4, the order is attached to the Special bouns: MP36 Megatron backplane, for genuine, factory goods, Ko and all kinds of third party mp36.
5, with a screwdriver, easy to disassemble the acoustic head carving.