New Age

NewAge NA Coneheads H16 Beelzebul H17 Mammon H18 Mephisto/3rd Party Dirge, Thrust and Ramjet


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Please be advised this listing is a pre order and it will be arriving in March/April 2020 pending no delays.

Product Description

This set from Newage features three battling robots that can transform into a squad of fighter jets. Each transforming figure will includes its own weaponry.

Product Features

  • 3.77 inches (9.60cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Convert from robots to fighter jets
  • Third party figures
  • Includes an extra special accessory

Box Contents

  • H16 Beelzebul figure
    • Weapon
  • H17 Mammon figure
    • Weapon
  • H18 Mephisto figure
    • Weapon
  • Special effect part