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Ramen Toy MaKiNa Red Gullwing

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  • RED GULLWING MAKINA Sports Car / Jet Aircraft 
    • Dimension(Approx):   22cm (long) x  9.4cm (wide)
    • Gull-wing Doors with extendable wing span fitted laser guns
    • Convertible Boot Lip and Bumper to reveal Thrusters
    • Bomb bays with 2 drop bombs (includes 2 more original drop bombs)
    • Realistic looking tires with treads and embossings
    • Chrome plated rims
    • Head & tail lights chrome plated with clear and colored parts
    • Adjustable seats position
    • Fabric seat belts
    • Detailed dashboard and console
    • Tempo printed finish
  •  MADS HAWKING Action Figure with Power Helmet
    • Dimension(Approx):   7.6cm (tall)
    • 14 points of articulation
    • Removeable helmet
    • Injection molded action figure