Robot Hero - SG-01 - KO MP13 - Six tape/3rd Party Soundwave

Robot Hero

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Product Details

Material: ABS
Heights: 25.4 cm/ 10''

The RH soundwave also have 6 tapes, the first five tapes are the same(Laserbeak/ Buzzsaw/ Ravage/ Rumble/ Frenzy ), the sixth one is Autoscout.
A lot of modifications have been added:
- 1) the joints on the elbows and knees have been improved by changing the plastic part into alloy parts, so the joint will be perfectly tight while remain smooth at the same time.
- 2) improved hip joint by using more robust plastic material.
- 3) drift bolts have been added to the finger joints as well, which means that all the fingers will no longer fall apart easily.