SilverHawks Ultimates Bluegrass 7-Inch Action Figure

Super 7

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Please be advised this listing is a pre-order and it will be arriving in July/August  2023 pending no delays.

Product Description

The balance between the crime-fighting SilverHawks and Mon*Star & his mobsters has the Limbo Galaxy on a razor’s edge, and Super7’s newest wave of SilverHawks ULTIMATES! may just tip the scales of power! These highly detailed and intricately sculpted ULTIMATES! figures are ready to power-up your collection! 

Bluegrass is the only SilverHawk who’s cyborg enhancements don’t include wings or built-in weapons, but he’s an ace pilot who - with his Hot Licks guitar and “bird” partner Sideman - helps keep Limbo safe from Mon*Star and his mobsters! This made-to-order 7” scale fully articulated SilverHawks ULTIMATES! figure of Bluegrass features premium detail and comes with interchangeable heads & hands, and a variety of other accessories, including a Hot Licks guitar, a pair of lassos, and a trio of Side Man figures. Adding Bluegrass to your collection will be just the tuneup that your collection needs, so snag this Bluegrass ULTIMATES! figure before it flies away.

Product Features

  • 7-inch scale (17.78cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on the classic SilverHawks series
  • Part of the Ultimates line
  • Includes figure accessories and weapons seen in the series

Box Contents

  • Bluegrass figure
  • 3 Head sculpts
  • 5 Pairs of hands
  • 3 Alternate right hands
  • Hotlicks guitar and strap
  • Side Man guitar and strap
  • 2 Blast effects
  • 2 Lassos
  • Hat
  • 2 Side Man hawk figures