Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett Prototype Armor

by hasbro

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Product Information

  • A store-exclusive variant of the Hasbro Star Wars Black Wave 2 Boba Fett action figure, the all-white Prototype Boba Fett figure is based on the original Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett design. The release of this figure is part of the special Black Series of Star Wars figures. These figures have a traditional molding that is based off the original trilogy of films and honors the characters exactly how they were displayed on the screen. Casting Boba Fett as a prototype figure is a unique nod to Star Wars history. When Boba Fett first premiered in the original Star Wars trilogy, there was a toy planned for release by Hasbro. That toy never made it to market, and the only ones made available were extremely rare factory-only versions. This edition of the Star Wars Fett is based off that original creation. The helmet, armor, and color scheme reflects the same elements in the original collectible. This toy is packaged and designed much the same as the 1980s rare Boba Fett design. Outside of the color, the major difference between the original Fett 6-inch toy and this collector's Boba Fett version is that the white Fett features no battle damage. All of the armor is cleanly placed, making it ideal for customization. Use professional model and toy paints to detail Fett in any fashion that you choose. For example, you may choose to use a design that fits more into the prequel trilogy color scheme. The prototype parts also make it easy to switch parts between other prototype designs. The unpainted base also makes it easy to add custom decals as needed. In addition to the armor, Boba's weapons are an unpainted black plastic, whereas the original release had painted weapons. Outside of these differences, the Prototype Boba collectible features the same articulation points and high-quality construction as the original toy. Many points of articulation are featured on the collectible. This includes joints in the feet, knees, and thighs for action-oriented play and posing. The stomach has one main joint that allows Fett to rotate back and forth in different directions. The arms rotate at the shoulder and bend at the elbow. The wrists can twist 360 degrees and the hands are molded to hold his tools and accessories. The package itself has special graphic elements to help it stand out. This makes the toy ideal for displaying with other Star Wars memorabilia. The collection features a bold black case finish. The front of the case features an illustrated portrait of Fett, and the back details a biography of the character. On the front of the packaging, a "Prototype" text signifies the special version of this collectible toy. The 6-inch toy and all of the accessories are clearly seen through the plastic display window. This also includes a fabric cape that is draped over Fett's shoulder. The toy is ideal for both child and adult collectors of Star Wars memorabilia. Get this prototype Boba Fett figure to add to your collection.