Transformers - War For Cybertron: Kingdom

Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Golden Disk Collection Chapter 2, Autobot Jackpot with Sights


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  • GOLDEN DISK COLLECTION: The Golden Disk is a powerful artifact with the ability to reveal knowledge of the past, the future, and of the infinite possible destinies throughout time. Discover an alternate timeline in which the quantum surge that mutated many Maximals and Predacons into Transmetals, goes very differently…
  • CHAPTER 2: …AND OUT THE OTHER SIDE: The quantum surge causes a time vortex, intercepting the Action Master Jackpot and his partner Sights, pulling them through time and space. Somehow the journey through the vortex gave Jackpot the ability to convert into a vehicle mode and altered Sights alt mode
  • CLASSIC CONVERSION AND WEAPONS: Autobot Jackpot and Autobot Sights figures convert to sports car and axe modes in 20 and 5 steps. Includes blaster and blast effect accessories