Transformers Legends LG-EX Rhinox Beast Wars 20th Anniversary Transformers 2016 Exclusive

Takara Tomy

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Product Description

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Beast Wars, Takara released this Transformers Legends version of Rhinox as a Transformers Fest 2016 exclusive. The body color and other paint applications are more true to the Beast Wars cartoon coloration and Rhinox comes with a weapon accessory and manual. 

Product Features

  • Voyager Class
  • Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Beast Wars
  • Transformers Fex2016 Exclusive
  • Features a more cartoon-accurate paintjob including darker skin and eyes with pupils
  • Includes 2 guns and a manual

Box Contents

  • Rhinox figure
  • 2 x guns
  • Manual