Transformers Masterpiece

Transformers Masterpiece MP-15 Rumble & Jaguar (Ravage) Set w/coin

Takara Tomy

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This Masterpiece set from Takara Tomy includes both Masterpiece Ravage and Masterpiece Rumble, reborn in Masterpiece greatness from their original G1 designs!

Rumble changes from cassette tape to robot and back and Ravage changes from Jaguar to cassette tape and back! Included with each set is both Ravage's 2 piledriver arm attachments and 2 thruster guns. Ravage's rockets are for the first time ever integrated into his transformation and not separate pieces!

Set Includes:
- 1 x Ravage Figure
- 1 x Rumble Figure
- 2 x Piledriver Arm Attachments
- 2 x Pink Cassette Tapes
- 1 x Piledriver Mounting Piece