Transformers Masterpiece

Transformers Masterpiece MP-44 Convoy/Optimus Prime (Ver. 3)

takara Tomy

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MP-44 Masterpiece Convoy 3.0 / Optimus Prime is an all new remastered version of Optimus Prime, reflecting his more anime / cartoon styling! Convoy transforms from truck cab with tractor trailer to robot and back! Optimus Prime includes his energy rifle, trailer and more! Relive all the glory of the original G1 cartoon with this remastered and all new version of Optimus Prime!

Product Features

Main body x 1 (Optimus Prime)

Compartment x 1 (Trailer)

Cabin anti-aircraft gun x 1

Small ball x 1 (Roller)

Energy axe x 1

Beam special effects x 2

Laser rifle x 1

Energy treasure x 1

Energy supply tube x 1

Spike x 1

Carly x 1

Spike Pula (Sparkplug) x 1
Rocket Backpack x 1

Starscream head x 1

Starscream Wings Accessories x 1

An Unknown Item x 1 

Replacement Head Carving x 1

War Damage Head x 1

Battle Damage Chest Parts x 1

Character card x 1

*Packaging contents to be confirmed at a later date