Transformers Retro The Transformers: The Movie Autobot Hot Rod


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Please be advised this listing is a pre-order and it will be arriving in January/February 2023 pending no delays. 

  • ORIGINAL G1 DESIGN: This vintage G1 Autobot Hot Rod figure is inspired by the original G1 release, featuring updated deco inspired by the character’s appearance in The Transformers: The Movie
  • CLASSIC CONVERSION: Autobot Hot Rod action figure features classic conversion from racecar to robot mode in 6 steps
  • VINTAGE ACCESSORIES: Comes with 2 blaster accessories. Weapon accessories attach in both modes
  • RETRO-INSPIRED PACKAGING: Inspired by the original G1 packaging, updated with a design inspired by The Transformers: The Movie, including artwork and bios based on the movie
  • TECH SPECS: Clip and save the tech specs included on the pack in the classic G1 style fans know and love to compare figures’ strength, speed, firepower, and more

       Autobot Hot Rod figure comes with 2 blaster accessories and instructions.

      Figure scale: 5.5-inch