Transformers Retro The Transformers: The Movie Starscream


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Please be advised this listing is a pre-order and it will be arriving in January/February 2023 pending no delays.


  • ORIGINAL G1 DESIGN: This vintage G1 Starscream figure is inspired by the original G1 release, featuring updated deco inspired by the character’s appearance in The Transformers: The Movie
  • CLASSIC CONVERSION: Starscream action figure features classic conversion from jet to robot mode in 7 steps
  • VINTAGE ACCESSORIES: Comes with 2 null rays and a blaster accessory. Weapon accessories attach in both modes
  • RETRO-INSPIRED PACKAGING: Inspired by the original G1 packaging, updated with a design inspired by The Transformers: The Movie, including artwork and bios based on the movie
  • TECH SPECS: Clip and save the tech specs included on the pack in the classic G1 style fans know and love to compare figures’ strength, speed, firepower, and more

Figure scale: 5.5-inch

Starscream figure comes with 2 nulls rays and a blaster accessory. This figure converts from jet to robot mode in 7 steps.