Transformers Generation Selects Abominus Figure

Takara Tomy
$359.95 AUD

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Product Description

The Combined Soldier Abominus is a giant robot created by combining five Terrorcons, and each Terrorcon is united with the leader of the Terrorcons: Hanglu as the arm and leg.

Each Terrorcons can be transformed from monster mode to humanoid robot / coalescence mode. The combiner joint used for coalescence is a mechanism that has been continuously used since the "UNITE WARRIORS" series developed from 2016, and it is possible to play with compatibility with items that have the same joint.


  • 1 x Hun-Gurr Body
    • Shield, Large Rifle and Gun Accessories
  • 1 x Rippersnapper Body
    • Gun Accessory
  • 1 x Blot Body
    • Gun Accessory
  • 1 x Sinnertwin Body
    • Gun Accessory
  • 1 x Cutthroat Body
    • Gun Accessory
  • 2 x Foot Parts
  • 2 x Fist Parts
  • 1 x Instruction Sheet