Transformers Unite Warriors UW-01 Superion

by Takara Tomy

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Product Description

UW-01 is a Superion Aerialbot gift set featuring Silverbolt (voyager size), Skydive (deluxe size), Fireflight (deluxe size), Slingshot (deluxe size), and Air Raid (deluxe size). Each member can transform from a robot into a jet plane. All five members can also combine to create Superion.

Product Features

  • The 5 individual figures transform from robot to jet plane
  • Transform and combine to form the mighty Superion
  • Comes with a rifle for combined mode
  • Includes feet/hands/guns for each aerialbot
  • Features a paint scheme making it more accurate to the G1 cartoon

Box Contents

  • Voyager Class Silverbolt
  • Deluxe Class Skydive
  • Deluxe Class Fireflight
  • Deluxe Class Slingshot
  • Deluxe Class Air Raid
  • Rifle
  • Guns, hands, feet for the individual aerialbots