Transformers: Vintage G1 Constructicon Devastator 6-Figure Collection Pack - Walmart Exclusive


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This Devastator figure converts between 6 4-inch Constructicon figures and a 9-inch Combiner super robot figure. Constructicon figures change from construction vehicle to robot and back. Clip and save the on-box tech specs to share and see how this figure compares to other heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons (each sold separately).

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  • Re-creation of the G1 Constructicon Devastator 6-figure pack
  • Inspired by the styling of the 1985 G1 release
  • Vintage decoration and sticker decals
  • Tech specs showing the capabilities of Devastator
  • For Devastator, thinking and winning do not mix
  • Includes 6 CONSTRUCTICON figures, 6 laser pistols, 2 target shooters, 2 fists, 2 rotor blades, 1 super ro