XTransbots MM-IV+ Ollie/Wheelie V2.0 Reissue


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Product Description

Redone and remastered, this reissue of Ollie improves on many of the original products points and is an MP scaled figure. With over more than 18 joints/parts refinement/molding tweaks this new version of Ollie is more durable and playable than the original release!

Product Features

  • Material of the product: ABS + Die cast
  • Refined easily broken weak parts in the car's side when rotated
  • Added a heel stabilizer
  • Added fists rotation helper
  • Added knee tightness
  • Added posable crotch piece
  • Refined wheel rolling
  • Removed the folding/rotation stopper at the elbow and car's side parts
  • Straightened the knee for better posing
  • Tightened the loose thighs (he now can hold up MP Ironhide)
  • Sliding movement on the backpack is smoother
  • Stress mark-proof refinement
  • More polished surface of car
  • Die cast thighs
  • Extra face
  • Car connections refined, one piece feel and sturdiness in the alt mode
  • Car rear end refinement
  • Arms now peg in under the car

Box Contents

  • 1x Ollie figure
  • 1x Gun
  • 1x Slingshot
  • 1x New face