X-TRANSBOTS - MX-17 SAVANT/3rd Party Skids


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Xtransbots MX-17 Savant stands 16CM/6.3" tall in robot mode and is MP scaled! Transforms from a compact car to robot and back and is scaled to fit in line with other Masterpiece cars.

Material of the product: ABS/NYLON/DIE CAST/RUBBER TYRE/PC 

MX-17 Savant Includes:
- 3 doors can be opened in the alt mode of the Dirac mode 
- Seats inside sedan 
- Steering wheel 
- Moped bike compatible inside the trunk 
- Ab crunch of the Dirac robot mode 
- Die cast in thighs/feet, torso and weak connector parts 
- Rubber tyres 
- Tinted black window 
- Fully painted car shell like a real car 
- Double joints in Knee bending 

Toy Includes :
- bio card*1 
- instruction *1 
- guns *2 
- Moped bike*1