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Zeta Toys ZT ZB06 Superitron/3rd Party Superion - Metallic version

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Product Description

From Zeta, ZB-06 Superitron is a large combiner made up of five robot figures. Standing about 20 inches tall, Superitron is a highly detailed figure featuring a metallic finish. The five robots that make up Superitron can also be displayed as a set of five separate figures, each being able to transform from robot to fighter jet.

Product Features

  • Combiner size 19.69 inches (50cm) 
  • Single size approximate 8 inches (20.32cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Combiner figure set
  • Metallic paint finish


Box Contents

  • Fly Fire figure
  • Downthrust figure
  • Skystrike figure
  • Catapult figure
  • Silver Arrow figure
  • 5 Blasters
  • Combiner attachment pieces