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Zeta Toys Bruticon Bruticus Full set of 5

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Product Description

Zeta Toys ZT ZA-06 ZA06 Bruticon Bruticus Full Set of 6

Material: Plastic ABS
Heights: 56 cm/ 22.05"

Set Features:
- Masterpiece Scaled Figures 
- 5 Robots transform and combine together to form Bruticon 
- Combiner Parts and accessories. 
- Individually Packaged Figures

Set Includes: 
- Zeta Toys - ZA-01 Take off Figure 
- Zeta Toys - ZA-02 Whirlwind Figure 


- Zeta Toys - ZA-03 Blitzkrieg Figure 
- Zeta Toys - ZA-04 Uproar Figure 
- Zeta Toys - ZA-05 Racket Figure 
- Combiner Parts to Form Bruticon 
- Individual Weapons 
- Bonus Armageddon Head Included